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I’m so excited about these two books – it’ll be my first Mill Pond Romance (although it looks super good!) and I’ve loved the rest of the Players series (To Win Her Love, To Win Her Trust) … I’ve been waiting for Max to get his girl 🙂


CookingUpTroubleTour copy


Cooking up TroubleCooking Up Trouble

A Mill Pond Romance

by Judi Lynn


Tessa Lawrence swore off men when she found her fiancée in the arms of another woman.  These days, she concentrates on caring for her small farm and running a bakery and farm stand out of its barn.  Ian McGregor moves to Mill Pond to build a resort on the property next to Tessa’s.  Tessa’s fine with that.  Mill Pond’s trying to attract more tourists.  The problem is, Ian understands business, but he’s never changed a tire or pounded a nail.  She finds herself helping him more than…

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