The Girl with Book Lungs

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Life is pretty routine and predictable in Etonville. Dodie O’Dell has made a new life for herself in the tightly knit town after leaving her beloved Jersey Shore after Hurricane Sandy. She managers a popular restaurant in town, trades mystery books, with the high school’s retired English teacher, and has just agreed to help with the Etonville Little Theater’s newest production.

After only one night of auditions, Dodie is already second-guessing her decision to get involved. But her indecision evaporates in the light of the next morning, when she learns her friend Jerome has been murdered. Now the armchair mystery solver is determined to help the town’s new police chief get to the bottom of what happened.

As gossip circulates, Dodie uncovers some shocking secrets from the theater’s box office to the town’s library. Her unofficial investigations even reveal interesting love affairs, toxic friendships, and lethal connections.

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