The Girl with Book Lungs


Hazel Rock, Texas is the last place Charli Rae Warren ever wanted to come back to. If it hadn’t been for the real estate agent who was in charge of selling her father’s business, the Book Barn, insisting that Charli had to sign the papers in person, she would have happily stayed in her Denver digs with her classroom full of kindergarteners. What was to have been a quick trip to sign the papers and then high-tail it out of town, turns into an open-ended stay when Charli stumbles upon the body of the realtor in the back room of the Book Barn. Now she’s torn between a suspicious sheriff and the town’s mayor, who just happens to be her ex-boyfriend. What is a girl to do?

Charli Rae’s history in Hazel Rock unfolds as you turn the pages of Fatal Fiction, the first book in a new cozy…

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