The Girl with Book Lungs

scheduled-to-death-large-banner640Setting: Orchard View, California; Silicon Valley

Characters: Professional organizer Maggie McDonald and her husband, Max; Professor Lincoln Sinclair and his fiance, Sarah; Community garden organizer Boots and two of her helpers, Santana and Ketifa; Police detectives Gordon Apfel, aka Detective Awful, and Paolo Biancchi

Plot: After meeting Linc at his home to continue their work together, Maggie discovers a horrible sight in the upstairs office: Sarah’s body. When it looks like Detective Awful is ready to hang the blame on Linc and call it a day, Maggie dives into an investigation of her own. As she struggles to organize all the pieces of the puzzle, she is pulled into an apparent domestic violence situation with a few of the volunteers at the community garden. The more Maggie investigates, the more danger she is in. But she is determined to find out exactly what happened to Sarah and keep her new…

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