The Promise Girls

Marie Bostwick

Received from Netgalley

Oh how I loved THE PROMISE GIRLS! Meg, Joanie, and Avery are sisters who were test tube babies and raised by their single mother. Minerva, their mother, wrote a book about them and how they are child protégés. Joanie, who plays the piano, decides one day, to defy her mother and totally messes up her piano recital during a nationally televised show. Now their lives will never be the same. Minerva smacks Joanie right on TV and starts screaming at her. They take the girls away from her and they enter the foster care system.

Now, it’s twenty years later and the girls have all reconnected in Seattle. They do not talk to their mother, want nothing to do with her, and are all being bugged by a producer who wants to do a documentary about them. None of them want to…

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