The Girl with Book Lungs

T34488843here’s a lot packed into Meg’s final adventure. And yet, by the last page, you get the sense that there’s a lot more to come.

With her best friends leaving Portland and her boss considering selling the magazine where she works, Meg finds herself at a crossroads. She pitches a new story to her editor and heads to Bend, Oregon, and the lava tubes there. (Insert claustrophobic shudder of fear here!) But not only is Meg set to explore the underground caves, she’s looking to take a side on an ongoing political debate over protected lands, as well. And there’s even more weighing on Meg’s mind–the puzzling and haunting mystery surrounding her father’s death a few years earlier.

The story of Meg’s father has been a plot thread that started in the fist book of the Pacific Northwest Mystery series. Each book revealed a little more. I think, at…

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