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My husband and I both have a type… type of dog, that is.

We’re not committed to a specific category, like terriers or sporting breeds. But we always seem to like dogs that have tousled or wiry hair. Thus, two years after our beloved Wheaton Terrier passed away and it seemed our miniature schnauzer might again like a sibling, we decided it was time to get another dog. We selected one that had been on my radar for over twenty-five years…

A Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen  (pronounced “Puh-TEE Bah-SAY Gree-FOHN VON-day-uhn”). Or a PBGV. Or a Peeb. Or simply, a petite.

Here’s how the PBGV Club of America describes the hound breed:

  • Petit: Small
  • Basset: Low to the Ground
  • Griffon: Rough Coated
  • Vendéen: Region in France Where Breed Originated

The picture above is our Milo, now two years old. The breed is one most people don’t recognize…

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