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Lethal Licorice (Amish Candy Shop Mystery #2) by Amanda Flower

Carla Loves To Read

Lethal Licorice (Amish Candy Shop Mystery, #2)5 Stars

My Review: In this outing of the Amish Candy Shop Mysteries, we find Bailey adjusting to life in Harvest, Ohio. She is staying with her grandmother and running the Amish Candy shop, Swissmen Sweets. Her grandfather had been accepted as a competitor in the Amish Confectionary Contest, so with his untimely death, Bailey finds herself taking his place even though she is not Amish. She must make all her candy in the Amish tradition in the contest, but this is not enough for some of the other competitors. The first day of the competition finds her dealing with a host of ill feelings and with finding a dead body in the church. Of course she is a suspect as the victim is one of the people she recently had words with. While competing, she is trying to gather clues as to the murderer and who would have a…

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