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Death by Eggnog (Bookstore Cafe Mystery #5) by Alex Erickson

Carla Loves To Read

Death by Eggnog (Bookstore Cafe Mystery, #5)4 Stars:

My Review: I am still enjoying this series. Krissy is my kind of sleuth. She is smart, kind, has good judgement, loyal and real. I love how she is not afraid to admit her flaws and laugh about her mistakes. This story does not use the coffee shop setting as much as the other books, but it is easy to see that this is where Krissy’s comfort zone is. It is Christmas time and Krissy has a week off to go to California to spen the holiday with her father. At the last minute he calls her to say he is going away with his girlfriend so she has a week off and is staying in town. She gets roped in to playing an elf in the local holiday play, a singing and dancing elf and she can’t sing and dance. There are so many things happening backstage…

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11 thoughts on “Death by Eggnog (Bookstore Cafe Mystery #5) by Alex Erickson

      1. I run into a another problem this morning. I went to Overdrive and found all my ARC’S missing. I will have to reload all the books again and that will take awhile. WordPress is also acting up this morning. 😬😱😖


      2. I was able to download them all again so I am not hurting. I have been I’ll for a couple days and haven’t much strength so I read. I am reading Nappy King right now.


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