The second installment in the All Day Breakfast series Gia Morellia worried that her cafe has zoning problem and might have to close. Marcia Steers, the President of the City council asked to see Gia. Marcia tells her she has documents that will help Gia. Marcia is found dead in a swamp before she found the papers. The sheriff suspended her boyfriend from his office. The affair goes back 20 years. The case involved the murder of a friend’s Mother. Before it ends Gia will encounter greed, revenge and police corruption. Gia romance with the Sheriff deputy continued. How does the Breakfast Cafe stay open? You feel The terror during the tornado.

I found this book hard to rate. I would give 3.5 stars, if possible. There was an improvement over the previous book. Gia character still bothered me as her terrors seem irrational to me. I…

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