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Escape Claws (Cat Lady Mysteries #1) by Linda Reilly

Carla Loves To Read

Escape Claws (Cat Lady Mysteries #1)3.5 Stars

Published December 26th 2017 by Lyrical Underground

Lara Caphart and her family moved from New Hampshire when she was young. Before that, she spent a lot of time at her Aunt Fran’s. Family, College and trying to make ends meet consumed her life. After 16 years and a message from her childhood friend that her aunt needs her, Laura returns to Whisker Jog, NH. Her aunt is having major issues with deteriorating osteoarthritis, her cat smells like cat (she has 11 of them) and she is being bullied by a developer, Theo Barnes, who wants her land. Lara is not going to let her be threatened by anybody and offers to stick around and help her. Lara isn’t in town long before she finds Theo Barnes’ dead body. Suddenly both her and Aunt Fran are being questioned and fingerprinted by the police. The case heats up when another…

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