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It Takes a Coven (Witch City Mystery #6)4 Stars

Published February 27th 2018 by Kensington

If you enjoy a paranormal, witchy cozy, you will love this story. It is the 6th in the series and this one has the most paranormal action of them all. When Lee finds out that Bridget’s spell book was not destroyed in the house fire, she gives it to River to take care of. Right about that time, several witch’s end up dead, possibly murdered and crows descend upon Salem in droves, stripping trees and scaring the residents. River thinks she has brought a curse to Salem. Lee’s scrying abilities are developing quickly and she is now seeing visions everywhere. Are the witches being murdered? How will they get rid of the crows? What are the witches in Lee’s visions trying to tell her?

I am enjoying this series. Lee has really come into her own in this one. She is dealing…

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