The Girl with Book Lungs

36563979After a high school reunion to die for, Poppy McAllister decided to start the next steps of her life’s journey back home in Cape May, New Jersey. She and Aunt Ginny are in the process of turning their rambling Victorian home into a bed and breakfast. Sadly, the stress of the undertaking is taking a toll on Aunt Ginny. After an adverse reaction to sleeping medication, Aunt Ginny faces some theft charges.

And then there’s a murder.

The M.O. is suspiciously similar to Aunt Ginny’s sleepwalking thefts, but Poppy knows her aunt wouldn’t–couldn’t–kill anyone. Poppy vows to clear her aunt’s name–even if it kills her.

Poppy is one of my very favorite characters in today’s literary canvas. I love her compassionate nature, her sarcasm, and her self-effacing humor. She feels like a real person–more three-dimensional than just another character in a book. And then there’s Figaro; Poppy’s cat cracks me…

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