Lethal Licorice

Amanda Flower

LETHAL LICORICE is the second book in the Amish Candy Shop Mystery series. Bailey King is working at her grandparents Amish candy store, Swissmen Sweets where she has just entered the annual Amish Confectionary Competition. But before she can represent her family’s legacy, Jethro the pot bellied pig turns up missing. While out searching for him, someone discovers a body of an Amish woman who had no qualms about letting everyone know how unhappy she is that Bailey, a non Amish, is in the competition! Bailey is now a suspect and the worst part is, the police find some of her licorice candy in the woman’s possession. Hang on my reading friends, it’s going to be a crazy but fun ride!

LETHAL LICORICE is filled with twists and turns and I was instantly hooked and in everyone’s business! It is a very quick read and when…

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