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The Education of Dixie Dupree4 Stars

Published October 25th 2016 by Kensington

Set in the late 1960’s south, Dixie lives in Alabama with her mom, dad and older brother AJ. Her mom has one of those tempers that can get away from her and Dixie tries her best to not trigger her ‘other mom’ coming out. Her mom is not happy living where she has no friends and her inlaws only tolerate her. Dixie learns to become an expert liar. She needs to in order to protect her unstable family. The story is told from Dixie’s viewpoint, and the voice of this eleven year old comes through loud and clear. When Dixie’s mom finally gets the courage to tell her husband that she want to go home to New Hampshire, disaster strikes. Then Uncle Ray comes down to help out his sister.

Dixie is the kind of child the reader wants to reach into…

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