The second book in the Knot and Kibble series is a good relaxing read. Katrina, the recuse kitten from the last book has only a minor plot in this one. I found it hard to rate and rounded it off to 5 stars but it really is only 4.5 stars. The plot is good but it didn’t resonate with me.

Pamela Patterson is startled when she clean-up the Knit and Nibble’s booth as there is a body under the table. He was strangled and an an arrdvark lying on his stomach. The victim is unpopular professor at the college. The term’ Kill Aarvark becomes popular and the Club takes a lot of teasing. Pamela and Bettina become interest in solving the murder to clear the club’s reputation. This takes them on a journey to New York City where they find an answer to the questions. I recommend…

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