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#FINAL EXAM by Carol J. Perry

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The eight book in the witches city series finds Lee Barrett and Francine tracking the field of grasses and other weeds to an old quarry as they have a tip of Police activity at the quarry. They find underwater divers present and learned there that an old rooster has been located about 100 feet down on a ledge. There is a skeleton in the car. Lee is excited as she has an exclusive. Her boyfriend and Aunt Ibby have very different reactions to the news. Aunt Ibby is planning her high school 45th reunion with a group of her classmates. Lee has visions of what happened at the quarry. O'Ryan begins to show Lee places and actions she needs to do. A great deal of her Aunt's past comes to light along with Lee's Mother. Who was the skeleton? Why was the car pushed into the quarry? I…

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