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Who Are the Five Firsts?

New York Times bestselling Sisters of Suspense join forces for a gripping new standalone novel, LAST GIRL STANDING!


The First Five were an elite clique at Bristol High. Amanda, Bailey, Carmen, Delta, and Zora (ABCD & Z). They once considered Ellie, their E, but she was rejected for being too bookish and a scholarship student.

So who are these elite girls?

Amanda was always about control.

Bailey was the loyal one.

Carmen was blind adoration.

Delta was infatuated with romance, home, and hearth.

Zora was obsessed with protectiveness.

What about their unwanted ‘E’?

Well…Ellie was pure ambition.

Now a decade after a tragic accident that turned the Five into Four, something sinister is waiting for them all at their high school reunion. Some have had good fortune in their lives, and others…? Not so much.

Last Girl Standing revisedAt a pre-graduation party just before the end of senior year, Lance Ventura, the hottest guy in school, falls down an embankment toward the river and is barely rescued in time to save his life. One of the Five Firsts, Carman, rushes to save him, but isn’t so lucky. Her sudden death causes a community to mourn and rumors of foul play to swirl, but the tragedy is ruled an accident.

Fast forward ten years and the classmates all meet again at the high school reunion. Some of them have had good fortune in their lives. Others, not so much.


The last remaining independent U.S. publisher of hardcover, trade and mass market paperback books.

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