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Vagabond Gardeners by Barb Hendee

When I was about twelve years old, my grandmother told me that she felt sorry for people who moved from one house or place to a new house or place in order try and leave their problems behind.

“The problems always follow them anyway,” she said.

Later, once I was old enough to understand this, it seemed to me that if negative things can follow us around, then so should all the positives. I’m one of those people who prefers to see the positive. If my partner, J.C., and I were characters from Winne-the-Pooh’s world, I’d be Tigger and he’d be Eeyore.

He and I have been married a long time. We’re sort of serial vagabonds… a pair of writers and academics who tend to live for five or six years in one place, making it into a home, and then we go somewhere else and make that place into a home. We’ve lived in Washington State, Northern Idaho, Colorado, and now Oregon.

But no matter where we’ve lived or how much (or how little) space we have outside the house or condo, we’ve always gone to work right away preparing and conditioning the soil so that we can grow our own fruits and vegetables. We always leave four to six blueberry bushes for the next people who will live in the space we’ve left behind. I think it’s a good motto to always leave blueberries for the next folks.  Continue reading “Vagabond Gardeners by Barb Hendee”


Why You Love Diabolical Villains by Stacey Keith

In romance fiction, heroes and heroines are the ones who—in real life—would get trotted around to the all the talk shows. They’re pretty. Everyone’s besotted with them. At some point, shirts would start coming off and you’d get to see a lot of ripped abs.

But unlike real life, villains are the ones who keep you turning the page.

They’re the characters we love to hate, the foils that keep our heroes hopping.

Nothing turns me off faster than a one-dimensional villain. I don’t want a cape-wearing, mustache-twirling Snidely Whiplash tying poor Nell Fenwick to the train tracks. I don’t want a prop designed to make the heroine look good (the jealous, chunky “bestie” is a trope I particularly despise.)

I like my villains like I prefer my men: subtle.

It pays to remember that villains never think of themselves as evil; they just want things that are diametrically opposed to what the hero and the heroine want.

And that’s where I came up with what is perhaps my most memorable villain, Kayla Nolen, who is Cassidy Roby’s bête noire in DREAM ON.

As it turns out, Kayla is an amalgam of several people I remember from high school. Pretty, popular, insufferably vapid. Kayla’s just one of those folks who thinks everyone should be exactly like she is—the right church, the right number of children, the right kind of hen-pecked husband. Continue reading “Why You Love Diabolical Villains by Stacey Keith”

S’mores Murders * Maya Corrigan

Lisa s Everyday Life

    Happy Tuesday ! And it’s Library Day  Here *

Every  Summer Party needs some S’mores so  Check this book out !

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S’more Murders (A Five-Ingredient Mystery)

Managing a fitness club café and collaborating on a cookbook with her grandfather are Val Deniston’s usual specialties, but she’s about to set sail into nearby Chesapeake Bay—straight into a murder case . . .

Since catering themed events is a good way to make extra cash, Val agrees to board the Titanic—or at least cater a re-creation of the doomed journey on a yacht. The owner of the yacht, who collects memorabilia related to the disaster, wants Val to serve the last meal the Titanic passengers ate . . . while his guests play a murder-mystery game. But it is the final feast for one passenger who disappears from the ship. And that’s only the tip of the…

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It’s no mystery, readers know cozies are the most fun novels to devour, and B&N is the best place to find them—especially now!

This is your chance to find all the cozy mysteries you’ve been searching for. Look for the Kensington Cozy Mystery Display at your local B&N from 7/10 – 8/20, buy any 3 Kensington cozies & get the 4th free! Don’t miss out, visit your B&N store today!


Widening Our Circles

Wicked Cozy Authors

News Flash: Sheryl Sens is the lucky winner of the Biscuits and Slashed Browns audiobook. Check your email, Sheryl, and congratulations! I wish I had a copy for everyone.

Edith here, just home from most of a week in a Pennsylvania convent retreat house with two fellow authors, one being Wicked Accomplice Kim Gray (and the other a great friend of the Wickeds, Ramona DeFelice Long). I have many new words under my belt, a tired driver’s butt, and evening after evening of laughs in the bank.

I’ve been thinking about how to widen the circles of people who know about my books.


Yes, I’m wearing the slightly uncomfortable Self-Promotion hat. But we all have to do it. We authors never want to tell people, Read my book! Buy my book! But … in fact, we want people to read our books. Buy them, ask their library to buy them…

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Wicked Wednesday- Fireworks

Wicked Cozy Authors

Jessie: In the nation’s capital for the holiday!

new-years-eve-1953253_1920Happy Independence Day to all our readers! Not only is it a day to remember the founders of our nation, it is also a day to attend parades, host barbecues and to wear red white and blue. Many Americans end the day  stretched out on a blanket watching a dazzling display of fireworks.

What I wondered was whether or not all of you love fireworks or if you prefer to give them a miss?

Edith: I do love the wonder and awe of fireworks, even though at root they celebrate wartime. In my town they are held across from a big hill that is town land, a former farm. Everybody heads up there, many on foot, and bring picnics. Afterward the road back into town is closed to cars and we all walk home. It feel wonderfully old-fashioned, which is why I…

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At the beginning of each chapter are good tips on what you need to take with you if you must leave for safety reasons. Don’t forget about your pets. Very good information on fire, the drug cartel, rattlesnakes, missing children grief relatives endured after a crime. The murder is secondary to the fire

It is summer time and wildfire is burning out of control near the top of the ridge Maggie and family must excavate to Tess Olmos’s home. Tess’s husband is found dead the fire line partially burned. When further examination reveals he was murdered and Teas is arrested for his murder. Meanwhile, Maggie is exploring the death will succeed before precious to her are hurt. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book and series.

Disclosure: Many thanks to Kensington Press for a review copy. The opinions expressed are my own.

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Alex Erickson: When the Not So Cozy Gets Cozy

Wicked Cozy Authors

Edith here, loving full summer north of Boston. Today I welcome a new guest, fellow Kensington Publishing cozy author Alex Erickson. He and I are going to have Christmas novellas published together in 2019 (along with Carlene O’Connor), so I thought I’d invite him over so we can all get to know him. He writes the Bookstore Cafe Mysteries, and his latest book is Death by Espresso. Don’t you love the cover?

EspressoBookstore-café owner Krissy Hancock has plenty to keep her occupied outside business hours, like preparing for her best friend’s wedding and solving a murder.

Krissy is meeting Vicki’s parents at the Pine Hills, Ohio, airport—it’s the least she can do as maid of honor, even if her relationship with Mr. and Mrs. Patterson is a bit strained. Besides, her own dad is coming in on the same flight. But there are a few additional arrivals, too. Her…

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Dog Days of August blog by Alexandra Ivy

If anyone follows my Facebook page, you’ll know that I recently adopted a gorgeous silver lab that I named Levet after the silly gargoyle in my Guardians of Eternity series. I have tumbled head over heels in love and he’s spoiled to the point of insanity. He’s taken over my couch, he gets a new toy or treat each time I go to the store, and I spend at least two afternoons a week taking him on playdates. It’s no wonder he has no idea that he’s my pet, not my child.

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