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In the third book of the book, we find Bailey King preparing for the Harvest festival. To her surprise and dismay her ex-boyfriend, Eric shows up in her Grandmother’s Amish Candy shop. He is ready to film the Christmas market for his show. Eric wants to rekindle his relationship with Bailey. Eric’s producer, Rocky invited Bailey to meet with her the next morning to discuss Bailey part in the show. She finds Rocky dead in the gazebo. Aiden considered Eric a person of interest. Bailey expired the evidence to clear Eric. Will she find evidence before Aiden can arrest, Eric? There are humorous scenes with Jethro, the pig. I highly recommend this book and series. QRecipes are included.

Disclosure: Many thanks to Kensington Books for a review copy. The opinions expressed are my own.

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A KILLING BY THE SEA by Kathleen Bridges



The second issue of By The Sea series finds Liz Holt helping with Indialantic Hotel and writing her new novel. Liz is wondering if the next festival will be held before the hurricane arrives at the barrier island. I like the story but felt the writing was not smooth and interfered with understanding the characters. Watching the waves from the beach Liz noticed a turkey vulture hovering over the beach. She checked out the area and finds Declan's body and the next a gold coin under where his body lay. Although told to stay out of it by her Father and friend. She becomes involved with Ryan, her NYFD friend who is now a private investigative (PI). The more she learned about the day, Declan fills into the ocean the more determined she becomes to find what happened day. First, there is hurricane warning when the hurricane…

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The second installment of wine series finds that Two Witches Winery has been selected to host the annual Federweisser to celebrate the first fermentation of the white Chardonnay grapes. Norrie is still in charge of the family's Vineyard. She received a call from a frantic neighbor that a body was found on her land. Rosalee Marbleton’s was having problems with the corpse and she wanted Norrie's help. The story takes an odd turned as Norrie decides the sheriff will not investigate correctly and feels she needs to find the killer. Norrie makes a lot of mistakes that put her in danger that I found it hard to believe. The unique ending will surprise you.
I recommend this book.

Disclosure: Many thanks to Kensington Books for a review copy. The opinions expressed are my own.

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JUST IN TIME by Suzanne Trauth



Dodie O'Dell's Windjammer Restaurant has a number of new characters in the fourth book in this series. The Etonville Little Theatre’s amateur productions are co-hosting with the Creston players to produce a musical, BYE BYE BIRDIE. Before rehearsals begin the musical director, Zoe is found dead in her car. The newly hired sous chief, Wilson adds much humor to the book. Dodie's boyfriend tells her to stay out of the investigation. Dodie is looking for answers when her internet search undercover a shocking secret from Zoe's past. Dodie's beloved car has problems flat tires, brakes gave out and worse the car catches on fire. 

DISCOURSE: Many thanks to Kensington Books for a review copy. The opinions expressed are my own.

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Review of Feral Attraction


Feral Attraction

A Cat Groomer Mystery, Book #3

Eileen Watkins

5 Stars


Cat groomer Cassie McGlone tails a killer gone wild over feral felines. . .

Cassie’s good friend Dawn is part of an organization that’s trying to protect a colony of stray cats on the property of a senior condo community in Chadwick, New Jersey. The residents have got their backs up over the cat invasion, and Dawn has come to Cassie’s grooming and boarding shop, Cassie’s Comfy Cats, to ask her help in talking sense to them.

Not everyone’s against the cats. Eccentric Sabrina Ward feeds them and has even created makeshift shelters for them in the nearby woods, infuriating her neighbors. Following a heated community meeting–in which Cassie and her veterinarian boyfriend come up with a proposal–Sabrina’s body is found in the woods. The police are calling her death an accident, but Cassie smells a rat…

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Cozy Love by Jody Holford

It never occurred to me to try and write a cozy mystery until my agent suggested I try something new to keep my restless fingers busy. I downloaded a bunch of them on my e-reader and quickly found myself falling for the genre.

Writing a cozy is very different from writing a romance. At least, for me because I’m what is termed a ‘pantser’ which means I tend to sit down at my laptop and just write. I don’t always have a plan for where it will go. With cozies, I couldn’t do this.

There are several elements of the cozy that I enjoy reading and writing. The mysterious plot that pulls you in and makes you part of the solution—trying to work through the clues in your own mind as the lead character does the same, is one of the best things.

Another is the quirky characters that inevitably come into play. The amateur sleuth needs to get to know their neighbors and as a reader, this is fun to see the cast of characters come to life. As a writer, it’s even more fun to take certain characteristics and amplify them for the story.

Obviously, another element I love is the romance. What I particularly love about a cozy romance is—because it’s not the central story line—we get to see the two characters relationship grow into something special without worrying that they’ll split. Mostly because we’re too caught up in wondering who will be the next victim. 😊. Continue reading “Cozy Love by Jody Holford”

Easy Peppermint Holiday Craft by Amanda Flower



If you’re like me, you start thinking about the holidays when the children go back to school and you start to think about everything that you have to do to get ready for the December gauntlet. One thing that I respect most about the Amish is their embrace of the simplicity, so this year, that is my focus for the holidays. I have already told my family some of my ideas about how I plan to scale back from what I usually do.

One of those plans is making my decorations easier. Peppermint Christmas trees are quick and easy craft that will brighten up your house, but not take it over this holiday season. If you use tacky glue that doesn’t require a glue gun, it’s a great craft to do with kids. Kids make great helpers. Since I have no children, my cats pitched in. The craft couldn’t be easier and has one simple step. You can add more decorations to your tree if you want. However, I kept my trees simple in the spirit of the Amish.


  1. Styrofoam trees
  2. Peppermint candies
  3. Glue

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La Dame Blanche by Anna Lee Huber

After deciding that the heroine of my newest historical mystery series—Verity Kent—had worked in the foreign division of the British Secret Service during the Great War, it wasn’t long before I determined I also wanted her to have served in some capacity abroad, perhaps even behind enemy lines. Uncovering exactly what role I wanted her to play as a field agent was the trickier part, particularly as I wanted it to be realistic. But it was as I was perusing the history section of MI6—British Secret Intelligence Service’s website—that I stumbled upon my answer. There, listed among its achievements during the First World War, was a brief mention of a spy network called La Dame Blanche. This immediately piqued by curiosity, and I went in search of more information.

La Dame Blanche was an intelligence gathering network at work in German-occupied Belgium and northeastern France during the latter years of the Great War. The network derived its name from the legend of the White Lady whose appearance was supposed to herald the downfall of the Hohenzollern dynasty—a dynasty which the German Kaiser was part of. In order to better assist the Allied forces, the group elected to attach itself to the British War Office, so they could pass along the information they gathered.

La Dame Blanche utilized citizens of all ages and social classes, from the elderly to young children working in concert with their parents to furtively record information about German troop and equipment movements in their homes along the rail-lines, all under the enemies’ watchful eyes. Midwives used their abilities to travel great distances at odd hours to act as couriers of the network’s reports. Nuns from convents where wounded German soldiers were being treated passed on information they gleaned from their patients.

Members of La Dame Blanche were militarized and brilliantly organized, keeping companies and battalions as separate from each other as possible, so that if one were caught by the German Secret Police, the rest of the network would not be compromised. And while it may have been conceived and established by three men, the group also employed thousands of women as well as men. The leaders understood that in such an endeavor there was no space for niceties or concerns over gentility and gender roles. The dangers of war affected everyone, and the best person for the job must be tasked with it. As such, women were often used to an advantage, exploiting the fact that the enemy often dismissed them as harmless. They also held leadership positions, outranking the men who served beneath them.

Given these facts, it was easy to see Verity working as an attachment and a liaison to La Dame Blanche when it became necessary for her assignments to send her into the German-occupied territories. Those tasks which send her under the electrified fence separating Belgium from neutral Holland are the most treacherous she must undertake, though not more precarious than the reality of the woman who are forced to coexist side-by-side with the enemy endure every day. Continue reading “La Dame Blanche by Anna Lee Huber”

Ghost stories and Smarties by Lynn Cahoon

This post could be called, why I love October.  It could be the fact it has the best weather. Cool enough to appreciate the warmth of the sun in the afternoon. But warm enough for short sleeves and sometimes, shorts. And it’s my birthday month. (I’ve taken over the entire month of October because it’s just not right to try to cram all of the fun into one day.)

But the true reason I love October is Halloween. What’s the best Halloween candy ever? Smarties. And they’re really fresh and wonderful in October. Bite in to one or a bunch, and the tartness will make your mouth pucker as you breath in the wonder that is the small, tart disc. Yes, there are a lot of amazing candies sitting around desks in plastic pumpkins, but Smarties are the real thing.

I fell in love with ghost stories early on. My brother had a fondness of teasing me with theatric renditions of Chicken Heart when he was babysitting. Especially since the ending always had me cowering in the corner with a quilt over my head. Big brothers are sadistic. That’s all.

Horror movies were shown on Saturday night, after the nightly news. I tried to stay awake to watch, but more times than not, I’d fall asleep during a build up scene and scare myself when I awoke to the carnage on the screen. Continue reading “Ghost stories and Smarties by Lynn Cahoon”

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