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It Takes A Coven: A Witch City Mystery #6 by Carol J. Perry

Author Carol J. Perry joins us today to brew a wicked good drink for her new novel.

The newest book in Carol J. Perry’s Witch City Mystery series from Kensington Publishing is It Takes a Coven. Seems that there’s a new Witch-hunt going on in Salem, Massachusetts. With witches dropping dead before they even come out of the proverbial broom closet, and with thousands of crows  descending on Salem, Lee Barrett’s best friend River thinks she may have unleashed a terrible curse on the Wiccan population of the city. With the aid of a talkative crow named Poe, and her clairvoyant cat, O’Ryan, Lee sets out to investigate. She learns that casting light on the wicked truth can be one killer commitment.

The Black Crow is a well-known, simple to make old standby in rum-loving New England. Nothing fancy, but it does seem appropriate for a story involving thousands of the big black birds. Appropriately enough, the collective noun for such a gathering is “a murder of crows.”

Here’s the recipe:

Black Crow
1 part 151 Rum
4 parts Root Beer. (Lee uses Barq’s.)

Mix together with crushed ice in a glass. Garnish with mint leaves if you like.

Here’s the book trailer for It Takes A Coven… Continue reading “It Takes A Coven: A Witch City Mystery #6 by Carol J. Perry”


Review of The Quiche and the Dead




Is Val’s breakfast pie the quiche of death? Owning her own business seemed like pie in the sky to Valentine Harris when she moved to the coastal California town of San Nicholas, expecting to start a new life with her fiance. Five months–and a broken engagement–later, at least her dream of opening a pie shop has become a reality. But when one of her regulars keels over at the counter while eating a quiche, Val feels like she’s living a nightmare. After the police determine the customer was poisoned, business at Pie Town drops faster than a fallen crust. Convinced they’re both suspects, Val’s flaky, seventy-something pie crust maker Charlene drags her boss into some amateur sleuthing. At first Val dismisses Charlene’s half-baked hypotheses, but before long the ladies uncover some shady dealings hidden in fog-bound San Nicholas. Now Val must expose the truth–before a crummy killer tries to…

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Cal Orey will be @ B&N!

Cal Orey will be at B&N, 5555 S Virginia St. Reno NV on Saturday, March 17 at 1pm to discuss her recent book, THE HEALING POWERS OF TEA (Citadel, January 2018, ISBN:  978-0-8065-3826-6)


With a Foreword by Will Clower, Ph.D., CEO Mediterranean Wellness and Author of The Fat Fallacy and The French Don’t Diet Plan

“A fascinating book that goes beyond just ‘green’ to include the medicinal benefits of black, white, and herbal tea blends.” —Ann Gittleman, Ph.D.

Wellness in a Cup—Discover the Benefits of Tea for Your Body and Mind!

It picks you up and calms you down, warms you and refreshes you. With black, white, red, green, and herbal varieties, there’s a tea for every taste, and now this time-honored superfood is trending as the drink of choice for health-conscious people of all ages and cultures. Continue reading “Cal Orey will be @ B&N!”


Cover Reveal!

A raging winter storm and a holiday spent pet-sitting reveals there’s more than one kind of animal in the house…

When Emma Lafferty is hired by a billionaire CEO to watch his pets over the holidays, she expects to enjoy a quiet Christmas in opulent surroundings. What she doesn’t expect is to spend the week trapped in the mansion with Trevor Hamilton, the CEO’s sexy great-nephew—and heir—whose motives are as shady as his desire is crystal clear . . .

Praise for Donna Kauffman and her novels

“Kauffman’s stories show that the bravery to reach for a connection is all we need to discover joy; she excels at expressing the struggles and joys of giving in to love.” –Publishers Weekly on Sandpiper Island

“We all know where there’s Donna Kauffman, there’s a rollicking, sexy read chock-full of charm and sparkle. Kauffman’s characters are adorably human and so very magnetic.” –

“Kauffman pens a touching romance . . . a quirky community and secondary characters with enough personality to make readers want to come back. A light romance with a touch of heat, a pinch of intensity and a dash of mysterious small-town magic.” –Kirkus Reviews on Pelican Point

“Sassy, witty, and sexy.” –Library Journal on Snowflake Bay

“Charming characters, emotion galore, a small town—you’re going to love Donna Kauffman!” – Lori Foster




5 Questions With Author Mandy Mikulencak @DurangoWriter

Kensington Cozies on Sale in March at Barnes and Noble

Wicked Cozy Authors

From March 3 to April 8, Barnes & Noble and Kensington have teamed up to offer a special  promotion–Buy 3 Kensington cozy mysteries and get 1 free!

You can scroll down this page to see the covers of all the offered books.

But wait, there’s more!

Everyone who buys a Kensington cozy mystery from the B&N in-store display between 3/6/18 – 4/8/17 and registers their purchase at will automatically be entered for a chance to win:

  • 1 Grand Prize: Two copies of a new cozy mystery each month for an entire year so you can share the book with a friend.
  • 5 Runners-Up: One surprise cozy mystery ARC.

Note: The same sale is going on at B&N online, though purchases there do not make you eligible for the contest. Here’s the link for the sale.

But wait, there’s even more!

There’s a special end-of-the-aisle display featuring…

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Helpful Words for Living Tiny by Celia Bonaduce

Simplify is the word in most people’s minds when they are looking to take the plunge into living tiny. But if you only needed to throw out most of your stuff, getting ready to live tiny would be a breeze. Simplify just scratches the surface.

Here are five more words to help ease you into living tiny:

  1. Prioritize: For every person who can’t live without his gourmet cooking utensils, there is someone else who needs all her make-up. Knowing what you need is the first step into a less-culture-shocked beginning (because, let’s be real, living tiny will take some time to get used to). While whittling your belongings, remember what you need to make you happy. You may be living in less than 300 square feet – but you are still you.
  2. Condense: Look for smaller, more space-saving versions of what you need. If you are a chef, check out rubberized, collapsible mixing bowls. There are even collapsible bowls that do double-duty – they can be used in food prep, but many come with lids, so they can also be used for storage. There are also new, reusable, leak-proof, freezer proof zip lock bags. When not in use they take up practically zero room. A tiny house dream!

This is a sweeping statement, but almost every woman has more make-up than she needs. Do you really need the mascara that volume-izes and the one that lengthens and the one that curls? No, you don’t. Continue reading “Helpful Words for Living Tiny by Celia Bonaduce”


How To Go Crazy With Creativity … Without The Padded Jacket by Stacey Keith

Novelists are often asked where they get their ideas, and I’m pretty sure no one in the history of asking that question has ever been given a satisfactory answer. Why? Ideas come from the Ether, which is a flimsy, cotton candy-like substance that may or may not exist in the part of writers’ brains where they also warehouse snark, commercial jingles, and images of fat orange kitties.

In other words, writers have no idea where ideas their ideas come from. Some ideas leap fully-formed into the imagination. Others are nothing more than a persistent image or a piece of music. But the one thing all good ideas have in common is their unwillingness to go away. In SWEET DREAMS, the second book in my “Dreams Come True” series, I had just such an idea for a character I wanted to write: UFO-obsessed, wannabe pastry chef Coralee. I’m actually convinced that some part of Coralee is my alter-ego.

UFOs were the mainstay of Coralee’s life, along with cooking shows, crossword puzzles and Ed, her husband. Ed was retired and rarely stirred from the Barcalounger.

“There’s been a sighting near Big Bend National Park,” Coralee said with the hushed urgency she used when discussing her “saucers”. “Any day now I expect them to come to Cuervo. You know how my Ed got took up by one. He’ll be the first to tell you, they’re none too gentle on folks.” Continue reading “How To Go Crazy With Creativity … Without The Padded Jacket by Stacey Keith”


Review of Who Moved My Goat Cheese?


Who Moved My Goat Cheese

Farm-To-Fork Mystery, Book #1

Lynn Cahoon

5 Stars


Angie Turner hopes her new farm-to-table restaurant can be a fresh start in her old hometown in rural Idaho. But when a goat dairy farmer is murdered, Angie must turn the tables on a bleating black sheep . . .

With three weeks until opening night for their restaurant, the County Seat, Angie and her best friend and business partner Felicia are scrambling to line up local vendors—from the farmer’s market to the goat dairy farm of Old Man Moss. Fortunately, the cantankerous Moss takes a shine to Angie, as does his kid goat Precious. So when Angie hears the bloodcurdling news of foul play at the dairy farm, she jumps in to mind the man’s livestock and help solve the murder. One thing’s for sure, there’s no whey Angie’s going to let some killer get

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