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Writing the Cozy mystery by Lynn Cahoon

Writing the Cozy mystery – why I love the genre. As I write this blog, I’ve written 24 cozy mysteries. There’s something to the genre that makes me feel warm and comfortable. Like going home to grandmas and eating her... Continue Reading →

Eating Irish Style with J.C. Eaton By Ann I. Goldfarb and James E. Clapp, writing as J. C. Eaton

For two people with absolutely no Irish roots whatsoever, each year we approach St. Patrick’s Day with a culinary fervor that’s hard to match. It begins with the usual quest to find the perfect corned beef complete with brine packets... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Cozy Mysteries by Julia Henry

I was always a voracious reader, and mysteries were part of the mix as I was growing up. When I was in high school my family moved to Annapolis, Maryland. The summer before school started was difficult, and my fifteen... Continue Reading →

Fave Books by Lisa Jackson

I’ve always loved suspense and mystery novels.  I grew up on Mary Stewart, Agatha Christie, Charlotte Bronte, Daphne Du Maurier and Shirley Jackson. Later I gravitated to Stephen King, John Sanford, Michael Connelly and other suspense/horror/mystery writers. Lately though I’ve... Continue Reading →

Beach Reads by Charlie Donlea

When I was invited to write a post about Beach Reads for the July newsletter, I reflected back to when I was an aspiring writer, long before I found an agent, signed a book deal, or plotted with an editor.... Continue Reading →

Beach Reads By Heather Redmond

I have to admit I’m not much of a fan of beaches. When I was growing up, we actually belonged to a beach club on a protected part of Lake Washington. I could dig my toes into the heated sand... Continue Reading →

My Beach Reads by Barbara Ross

For me, a trip beach is inextricably linked to reading fiction. When I was young, my father’s parents had a house in Water Mill, Long Island; my mother’s parents in Sea Girt, New Jersey. On the day school ended, my... Continue Reading →

Subhuman by Michael McBride

“Scientists are closing in on warm caves under Antarctica which could support secret life” ( Life always finds a way. There’s no other rational explanation for how anything can survive in Antarctica, a continent where the winter is spent in... Continue Reading →

Subhuman by Michael McBride

“Researchers find secret, warm oasis beneath Antarctica's ice that could be home to undiscovered species” ( After millennia beneath the ice, the frozen continent of Antarctica is finally starting to give up its secrets, and what amazing secrets they are.... Continue Reading →

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