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Idaho Potato Pie by Lynn Cahoon

I love quiche, but it’s hard to ignore the call of hash browns for a good Sunday brunch.  One day, I decided to mix the two desires into one dish that not only is great for breakfast, but also stores... Continue Reading →

The Right to Write by Mandy Mikulencak

I’ve long appreciated Women’s History Month because it gives us the opportunity to honor our foremothers and their words and actions that impact our lives today: Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the suffragettes who ultimately won our right to... Continue Reading →

Potato Soup Recipe by Lynn Cahoon

  When I was a kid, my favorite dinner was fresh baked bread and potato soup. It’s still my go to comfort food choice for when I’m feeling down or just needing a taste of home. When my mom was... Continue Reading →

Red Velvet for Valentines, Part II by Donna Everhart

In my family we have a cookie baking tradition. Since I can remember, my mother and I have baked at Christmas time, and this has continued with my daughter, and now my granddaughter too. Four generations were in my kitchen... Continue Reading →

The Most Delicious Recipe by Julia Henry

My grandmother was famous for fixing recipes. She’d cut recipes out of the newspaper or a magazine, tape it to a index cards, and make notes on any changes she made. Happily, I have those notes and those recipes. Unhappily,... Continue Reading →

Red Velvet for Valentines by Donna Everhart

I don’t mean bows, dresses, or shoes – although red velvet shoes would be stunning, now that I think about it. No, I’m talking about Red Velvet cake – or in this case, cupcakes! The history behind this baking concept... Continue Reading →

Cookbooks and a Cook of Convenience by Debra H. Goldstein

My mother was a wonder in the kitchen. Whether cooking or baking, she was a natural. I didn’t inherit her skills. If I make dinner two nights in a row, my husband suggests going out. When my son was six,... Continue Reading →

Butternut Squash Cake by Debra Sennefelder

When I set out to write Kelly Quinn and her series, The Resale Boutique Mysteries, I knew the twenty-something fashionista wasn’t a cook. While living in the city, she was far more apt to stop at the diner across from... Continue Reading →

Original Fantasy Fudge by Krista Davis

When I was growing up, a neighbor always made this fudge for Christmas. She insisted that it came off the back of a marshmallow creme jar. That neighbor has passed on now, so I tried the recipe on the back of... Continue Reading →

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