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Paper Mache Crafting by Leslie Meier

Papier-mache, who knew? Recently, I found myself caring for four grandchildren (ages 3-13) on the hottest day of the summer. It was close to one hundred degrees and so hot and muggy that even going to the pool, as we... Continue Reading →

Carving Out Some Family Time by Isabel Ashdown

  Like many writers, I’m a workaholic, forever struggling with the concept of ‘downtime’ because my office and home are one and the same.  When you’re self-employed, there’s always something you could be doing at your desk – editing that... Continue Reading →

Magic Bath Bombs By Tara Sheets

Messy, crafty, colorful art projects are my catnip!  Many years ago, when bath bombs first became a thing, I visited a store in Downtown Disney called Basin, and it was overflowing with barrels of bath bombs in every color of... Continue Reading →

Holding onto a Hobby By Jody Holford

One would think that I wouldn’t have time for more with working full time, having a family, writing, reading, and trying to fit in sleep, but there’s always room for a little something extra. Well, not always, but because I’m... Continue Reading →

Hamilton Christmas Novellas: The Inspiration by Donna Kauffman

Second chances.  I love them, and not just for my characters.  In the case of my Hamilton Christmas trilogy, the second chance is for the stories themselves. I was thrilled when my editor told me that Kensington was going to... Continue Reading →

Easy Peppermint Holiday Craft by Amanda Flower

    If you’re like me, you start thinking about the holidays when the children go back to school and you start to think about everything that you have to do to get ready for the December gauntlet. One thing... Continue Reading →

Jane Fonda and Spice Cake by Edwin Hill

Nothing quite says fall to me like a New England fair, and my favorite one of all is the Sandwich Fair in New Hampshire, which takes place every year over Columbus Day Weekend. My uncle lives in Sandwich - where... Continue Reading →

Why I Brew Beer By Peter Brandvold

I brew beer for the same reason men and women have been brewing beer since they started pounding on tom-toms and genuflecting before the sun gods—because I like the taste of a good, heady pail of suds. Aside from a... Continue Reading →

Making Imperfect Quilts by Maddie Day

Making Imperfect Quilts My name is Maddie Day and I’m an amateur quilter. There, I said it! I don’t make elaborate hand-quilted covers. I’m not a perfectionist cutter or seamstress, so sometimes corners don’t line up quite right. But I... Continue Reading →

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