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Hand Me A Spoon By Carlene O’Connor

“I’m the fastest spoon player in the world.” That’s the first thing Johnny “Bongos” Horgan said to me when we connected by phone. A Mallow man, (County Cork, Ireland) he’s been playing the spoons since he was a child. His... Continue Reading →

Idaho girl in a potato world by Lynn Cahoon

  I’m from Idaho so it’s a law that I’m a potato enthusiast. Seriously. As a kid, my first grade field trip was not to the zoo in the next town, but to the potato chip factory down the street.... Continue Reading →

The Right to Write by Mandy Mikulencak

I’ve long appreciated Women’s History Month because it gives us the opportunity to honor our foremothers and their words and actions that impact our lives today: Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the suffragettes who ultimately won our right to... Continue Reading →

St. Patrick’s Day by V.S. Alexander

The story of Ireland’s foremost saint is one shrouded in myth and legend. Despite his misty history, St. Patrick has remained a religious and cultural icon from the presumed date of his death in 461 A.D. until this day. Every... Continue Reading →

St Patrick’s Day post by Lynn Cahoon

Growing up in Idaho, St. Patrick’s Day was more of a school holiday. Wear green if you don’t want to be pinched. Wear red if you want to be kissed. I would have been mortified if someone had even thought... Continue Reading →

Writing the Cozy mystery by Lynn Cahoon

Writing the Cozy mystery – why I love the genre. As I write this blog, I’ve written 24 cozy mysteries. There’s something to the genre that makes me feel warm and comfortable. Like going home to grandmas and eating her... Continue Reading →

Surprising Uses For Lavender by Donna Kauffman

I had such a wonderful time researching all things lavender for my brand new Blue Hollow Falls release, LAVENDER BLUE. I am fortunate to live near two lavender farms and the owners of both were very helpful in explaining some... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Hobby by Julia Henry

I enjoy several hobbies, but my favorite is knitting. I am the only grandchild who learned how to knit from my grandmother, so it’s a lovely way to remember her. But I’m not sure my grandmother would approve of some... Continue Reading →

Indoor Gardening Tips by Julia Henry

One of the most difficult times of year for a gardening enthusiast is the winter, particularly if you live in cold climates. Lilly Jayne, the protagonist of the Garden Shop Mystery series, has a greenhouse, and that helps. For folks... Continue Reading →

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