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Indoor Gardening Tips by Julia Henry

One of the most difficult times of year for a gardening enthusiast is the winter, particularly if you live in cold climates. Lilly Jayne, the protagonist of the Garden Shop Mystery series, has a greenhouse, and that helps. For folks... Continue Reading →

Writing a Cozy Mystery by Carlene O’Connor

Words are powerful. Seductive, charming, gut-punching. Cozy is a nice little word, isn't it? Conjures up images of a crackling fire, a nice mug of hot cocoa or tea, curled up in an over-sized chair in your jammies, reading a... Continue Reading →

Making the Leap… Back in Time by Marie Force

I love historical romance. I love everything about it, from the clothing to the social norms to the rules—god, there were so many RULES! I love the way saucy, smart heroines skirt those strict rules, risking social ruination if they... Continue Reading →

10 Tips for Landing A Killer Job by Michelle Frances

  A New Year means a new you, isn’t that how the saying goes? In that spirit here are Emma Fox’s tips for landing that killer new job, but beware, just like that dream job description…not everything is as it... Continue Reading →

Start Your Engines, er, Memorabilia by J.C. Kenney

Hi, folks! I hope you’re having a great day. I’m so happy to be here with you all today, at Hobby Reads, chatting about things that make us happy. As a writer of murder mysteries, I spend an awful lot... Continue Reading →

Messages For Your Bookish Valentine by Michelle Frances

Messages For Your Bookish Valentine Valentine’s Day is one of those specials days of the year where you can express your love openly, and loudly, for the world to see. If you’re like me, you might have an obsession with... Continue Reading →

Your Furry Valentine by V.M. Burns

Valentine’s Day is a time for lovers. Heart shaped boxes of candy, flowers and greeting cards abound during this time set aside to celebrate the ones we love, but let’s not forget to show love to our four-legged companions too.... Continue Reading →

Knitting a Mystery by Sally Goldenbaum

Have you ever wondered why so many cozy mysteries revolve around food or knitting or gardening or bookstores? Why isn’t a plain old murder enough? Who needs herbs or bamboo needles or a trowel when you have a dead body?... Continue Reading →

Rules for knitting by Sally Goldenbaum

People often ask me about knitting, assuming, I think, that I know a lot about it because my mysteries revolve around a group of women whose deep friendship was knit together over. . .well, over knitting. But the truth is,... Continue Reading →

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