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#TOXIE TOFFEE by Amanda Flower 



I have always like an Amanda Flower book and this one has given me a lot of enjoyment. The antics of the animals bring smiles and laughter to the tale. Bailey King and Charlotte have returned to Harvest after completing a six-week stay in NYC filming Bailey's cooking show. They arrived to find the greens full of rabbits. Enter Puff, a special rabbit. We now have goats, Jethro, a mischievous pig and Midnight, and orange tabby Bailey and Margot are talking to Puff's owner who collapses and dies in front of them. Margot wants Bailey to build a six-foot toffee rabbit for the Easter Days. Bailey is now living in a house and she ends up with Puff. There are twists and turns as the story moves along. There are a couple of romances that advance. The motive completely caught me by surprise. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND…

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PEACE For some time now, I have been seeing a generation gap in the books I have been reading. This book started off with me not understanding about the site. The first book in a new series and a new author for me. I am looking forward to the next book about wolves. Belinda is […]



Edith here, delighted to be releasing a new book tomorrow on the same day as Wickeds Barb and Liz (mine is written as Maddie Day and Liz’s as Cate Conte). You’ll be hearing about our books here and elsewhere all week. Please check out all the blogs I’ll be visiting or have visited in this […]

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Book Release Week! — The Wickeds

PEACE Some years ago when I was searching through my library stacks for something to read, I found this series featuring Melanie Travis and standard poodles. I like it so much I read it often. I even purchase the one book that was missing so they would have a complete set. Since I can no […]

via #BITE CLUB by Laurien Berenson — idahobluebird50 MYSTERIES GALORE AND PHOTOS

#BITE CLUB by Laurien Berenson — idahobluebird50 MYSTERIES GALORE AND PHOTOS

PEACE The 3rd book in the cook-off murders and a new author for me. Sherry Oliveri has won America’s Good Taste Recipe Contest with her Crabcake recipe and her winning makes her a celebrity. The cover is the best one, I have seen in a long time. Sherry has returned home. She having problems with […]

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Beads Are a Great Rainy Day Craft By Amanda Flower

At the end of last year, I retired from my job as a fulltime librarian to write fulltime. It was a dream come true to be able to do it, but at the same time, I was at a bit of a loss. For the last ten years, I was used to being very busy with working two fulltime jobs, one as a librarian and one as a mystery writer. I needed to find something to fill my time that wasn’t writing related.

I’m a runner, so I run a lot more than I did before I left the library. However, I found that wasn’t enough. I needed another creative outlet. Before I was published, I used to make jewelry for family and friends. This was a long time ago before websites like Etsy where artists could sell their creations. I decided that I would take up the hobby again and sell my pieces on Etsy. I opened the shop in March, and it’s been so much fun. Much of the jewelry I make is related to my books. For example, I made a pig line that, of course, was inspired by Jethro from the Amish Candy Shop Mysteries. I also just make pieces for fun or at customers’ requests.

It’s the perfect activity to do when it’s too cold or rainy to run outside. I loathe the treadmill and rarely run on one. It’s also a fun thing to do when I’m stuck on a plot point in one of the books that I’m writing. I have always found working with my hands lets my mind rest, so I can come back to the book with fresh eyes. My feline editors Cheeps and Tummy like to help and hinder the jewelry making process too, so it’s become a family affair. Continue reading “Beads Are a Great Rainy Day Craft By Amanda Flower”

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Did You Know? by Alan Hlad

Did You Know? Homing pigeons played an important role in World War II! Here are just a few of the remarkable, and true, things I uncovered during my research for THE LONG FLIGHT HOME.

During World War II, British Services enlisted over 200,000 homing pigeons, including 16,000 that were parachuted into German-occupied France.

The National Pigeon Service, a volunteer civilian organization in Britain, delivered over 200,000 war pigeons to British Services between 1939 and 1945.

Source Columba (a.k.a. Operation Columba) was the code name for air-dropping 16,000 homing pigeons in German-occupied France as a method for locals to provide intelligence to Britain.

During World War II, the Royal Air Force dropped 16,000 homing pigeons over German-occupied Europe, parachuted in small baskets containing paper, pencil, and a small tube—attached to the pigeon’s leg—for storing a message. Continue reading “Did You Know? by Alan Hlad”

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Cover Reveal!

In the epic tradition of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Jonathan Maberry, the terrifying second novel in the Haunted Hollow Chronicles.

Grim Harvest

Almost a year has passed since the town of Ember Hollow learned the true meaning of fear. Last Halloween, something foul and insidious turned their annual celebration into a nightmare of blood-soaked visions, resurrections, and death. Now, as the harvest approaches, the locals brace themselves for the holiday’s return—and the rebirth of an evil that knows where they live . . .

A documentary filmmaker turns his lens on a shaken community—and exposes the darkness in his own soul. The survivor of a mass murderer hides a face disfigured by violence—and a mind infected with madness. A girl who lost her family finds cold comfort in a foster home where cruelty and fear are child’s play. And the local reverend begins to lose faith when a sadistic convict is busted out of jail, unleashing a new wave of evil too hideous to imagine . . . and too seductive to resist . . .


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Cover Reveal!

In medieval Scotland, the illegitimate children of a notorious criminal vie to claim their birthrights, and find that love is an even greater prize…

Edinburgh merchant Tavish Cameron has no choice but to pay outrageous tolls to the nobility, until fate gives him an unexpected opportunity for advancement. To claim Tower Roscraig, all he has to do is admit that he is the bastard son of a murdering baron…and evict the proud, impoverished Lady Glenna Douglas from her crumbling castle.

With her father ailing and her village devastated by illness, Glenna has lost almost everything except her home. Now a ruggedly handsome stranger intends to take that too. Until the king himself arrives to determine the rightful laird, Glenna and Tavish Cameron must share Tower Roscraig—resulting in a scandalous bargain.

But something deeper than passion ignites as they realize that Roscraig has been targeted by enemies. And only by uniting can they evade the traps set for them both…



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Cover Reveal!

“A writer to treasure.” —Sabrina Jeffries, New York Times bestselling author

When a husband is needed by Christmas, a trusted slender volume for ensuring a merry match is indeed a gift! In this Regency delight from beloved, award-winning author Kate Moore, a spirited governess joins a gentleman spy on a daring mission: finding a mate for a jilted debutante—while drawing dangerously close to each other . . .

Behind her seemingly dependent role as an unpaid caretaker—of both children and dogs—Harriet Swanley has in fact astutely avoided a forced marriage. But hers is not the only secret under wraps: Charles Davenham is working covertly to unmask a Russian agent—until the younger sister he’s always protected comes to him, recently rejected and clutching The Husband Hunter’s Guide to London. The little handbook would be a godsend—if only the distraught girl didn’t mangle all of its good advice! If Harriet can help Charles find a love match for his sibling, perhaps, in this season of good tidings, a long-buried attraction can set their own hearts aflame . . .