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Did You Know? Homing pigeons played an important role in World War II! Here are just a few of the remarkable, and true, things I uncovered during my research for THE LONG FLIGHT HOME.

During World War II, British Services enlisted over 200,000 homing pigeons, including 16,000 that were parachuted into German-occupied France.

The National Pigeon Service, a volunteer civilian organization in Britain, delivered over 200,000 war pigeons to British Services between 1939 and 1945.

Source Columba (a.k.a. Operation Columba) was the code name for air-dropping 16,000 homing pigeons in German-occupied France as a method for locals to provide intelligence to Britain.

During World War II, the Royal Air Force dropped 16,000 homing pigeons over German-occupied Europe, parachuted in small baskets containing paper, pencil, and a small tube—attached to the pigeon’s leg—for storing a message.

In 2012, a man renovating an old house in Surrey, England discovered the remains of a homing pigeon along with a tiny capsule containing a coded message—one that has yet to be deciphered by code breakers around the world even today.

The Dickin Medal, instituted in the United Kingdom to recognize the gallantry of animals in World War II, was awarded 54 times—32 of the recipients were pigeons.

By delivering critical messages, homing pigeons have saved thousands of human lives during both World Wars.


Books We Can’t Wait to Share – Staff Picks


Reviewed by James

I’m not convinced that “unputdownable” is a word. But if it were, I’d use it to describe SOME CHOOSE DARKNESS. I devoured the book in a single setting, and since I’m only a casual thriller reader, that says a lot about how much I loved this book. I’m a newcomer to Charlie Donlea’s novels, and SOME CHOOSE DARKNESS instantly propelled him to become one of my favorite authors of all time.

It’s summer in Chicago, and in a story ripped <a href=”https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-thomas-kokoraleis-ripper-crew-free-20190329-story.html”>straight from the headlines</a>, a convicted serial killer is about to walk free from prison. The only person who can stop him is Rory Moore, a forensic reconstructionist who must unearth what really happened to the killer’s final victim 40 years ago. When I first read the book, Rory was the reason I couldn’t take my eyes off the page. She is an unreliable narrator who suffers from OCD, and yet her compulsion with finding the truth gives her unparalleled skills in solving homicides. Rory is a breakout star in crime fiction, and I can’t wait for you to meet her.

If you need a chilling read to get you through the hot months of summer, then SOME CHOOSE DARKNESS is the book for you.




Reviewed by Michaela

Do you like to watch “Deadwood,” “Longmire,” or “Justified”?  Are you among the fans of bestselling authors like C.J. Box and Craig Johnson? If so, I’ve got good news for you.  Reavis Z. Wortham is writing a series that you’re going to love.  The main character, Sonny Hawke, is a modern-day Texas Ranger who’s never going to back down, whether he’s taking on drug cartels, human traffickers, backwoods militias, or any others who break the law.  Reavis Z. Wortham, a true Texas son, is known for writing with the authentic voice of his home state. His middle initial, Z, stands for Zane, honoring the great western writer Zane Grey, so you might say Reavis was destined to write in the western tradition. Jeffery Deaver described Reavis’s writing as “Elmore Leonard meets James Lee Burke.”  The Western Writers of America recently awarded him their Spur Award for Hawke’s War. Join Sonny Hawke in the new contemporary western Hawke’s Target for nonstop action and excitement.