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In Italy, the best attractions are always off the beaten path . . . 

Mamie Weber doesn’t know why she survived that terrible car accident five years ago. Physically, she has only a slight reminder—but emotionally, the pain is still fresh. Deep down she knows her husband would have wanted her to embrace life again. Now she has an opportunity to do just that, spending two weeks in Tuscany reviewing a tour company for her employer’s popular travel guide series. The warmth of the sun, the centuries-old art, a villa on the Umbrian border—it could be just the adventure she needs.

But with…

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Hunter Shea

Enter before October 3, 2017; one grand prize winner will receive ebook copies of all three books plus a mystery prize box.

If you have pre-ordered or purchased any of the books in Hunter Shea’s Mail Order Massacre series – Just Add Water, Optical Delusion, or Money Back Guarantee – you’re eligible to enter our Mail Order giveaway!

Cover Reveal! Lethal Literature by Kym Roberts

Running an independent bookstore in small-town Hazel Rock, Texas, doesn’t sound like a high-risk pursuit. But when a fundraiser reveals a story with a truly killer ending, Charli Rae Warren will need to scramble to sort out the deadly plot…

Sponsoring the literacy drive to benefit the foster care system should be a feel-good endeavor, but one of Charli’s helpers is definitely on another page. Charli’s dad is distracted and keeping something secret, which Charli suspects is a harmless flirtation with an attractive county clerk who offered to lend them a hand. It’s nothing to worry about—until the same clerk winds up dead…

When nosy locals begin pointing fingers, Charli finds herself entangled in a race to uncover the killer’s identity—and to get to the bottom of a shattering family secret that could rewrite her history in alarming ways. Suddenly Charli is facing her worst fears and her childhood nemesis in order to unmask a murderer—before he silences her for good…

Kym Roberts | 9781516106585 | EPUB | 5/1/2018 | $5.99 | Kensington; Lyrical Underground

Cover Reveal! Dauntless by Lynne Connolly

The Shaws are one of Britain’s most influential, dynamic families, but one Shaw prefers to keep a low profile. Unfortunately, the limelight can shine behind-the-scenes . . .
Lady Drusilla Shaw may be a bit introverted, yet she has the observant mind of a writer, capturing all of society’s quirks and scandals. But when the novel she’s been working on disappears from her room, that is just the beginning of her problems. Confident, magnetic Oliver, Duke of Mountsorrel, has taken an interest in Dru, and when he proposes, she is both thrilled and anxious. Her book depicts a ruinous family story that is uncannily similar to Oliver’s real-life, not to mention libelous. The manuscript could surface at any moment—and eventually it does, in published form, for all to read . . .

Oliver is bewildered by his new wife and her blasted book. Worst of all, how can he love a woman he no longer trusts? But when it becomes obvious that someone is taking their cues from the book in a series of attacks, he has no choice but to stick close to her. Their explosive connection in bed should take care of the heir-making, but for that to happen, Drusilla has to stay alive—and so does Oliver.

Praise for Lynne Connolly and her novels 

“Lynne Connolly writes Georgian romances with a deft touch. Her characters amuse, entertain and reach into your heart.”  —Desiree Holt

“With plots, deviousness and passion galore, Temptation Has Green Eyesby Lynne Connolly is a truly enjoyable read.” –Fresh Fiction

Lynne Connolly | 9781516102495 | EPUB | 6/26/2018 | $4.99 | Kensington; Lyrical Press

The Tell-Tale Tarte (A Five-Ingredient Mystery #4)


The Tell-Tale Tarteby Maya Corrigan

Paperback, 304 pages
Published June 27th 2017 by Kensington Publishing Corporation
4 Stars

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Five Amigos Fall-O-Ween Fun


fall2 (1)

                   Welcome to the Five Amigos Fall-O-Ween Reading Club.

Welcome to Week 3 of the Fall-O-Ween Reading Club, where some of my fellow bloggers and I are going to spotlight books about fall.  You will get suggestions from Karen Owen & Karen Kenyon (the Karens are sharing Karen Owen’s blog), Sheryl Hagan – Booth, Lisa Kelley and myself.

My pick for this week is A Biscuit, A Casket by Liz Mugavero.  This is the second book in her Pawsitively Organic Mystery series.  I really like the premise of the book, the characters and of course, all of the animals that we get to visit.

18167494The small town of Frog Ledge, Connecticut, has wholeheartedly embraced Kristan “Stan” Connor’s new business–preparing quality organic treats for dogs and cats. On a healthy diet, the animals may live longer. . .but one local farmer won’t be so lucky.
As Halloween…

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It’s This Amiga’s Party, Gonna Fall If I Want To!


Nothing says “It’s Fall Folks” like group retreats, cooler weather and a good gathering around a fire pit.   Okay, well, if you are reading Vicki Fee, it might be a bunch of naked witches dancing around a fire pit, but who’s keeping up, right? It’s FALL guys and dolls!It's Your Party Cover

The best part of fall is the beginning of ghost hunting season. Yes, there is a season. Have you tried to book a tour at Waverly Hills lately? Good luck on that. If you don’t go out looking for the spirits of the dead, you should know that fall is when people usually think about it. There are so many places to go here in the Southern United States; abandoned buildings, old sanatoriums, historical buildings and don’t get me started on the amazing cemeteries. No need to wait for Halloween. Let fall begin! It’s Your Party, Die If You Want To

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Scottish Shortbread by Amy M. Reade

My favorite kind of research is first-person, up close and real (with the obvious exceptions of being murdered and riding in the back of a police cruiser). I’d rather walk the streets of a city or village than do online or book research; I’d rather eat the food of a particular region or culture than leaf through a cookbook; I’d rather go kayaking in the ocean than watch someone else do it.

In-person research brings a feel to a book that can’t be faked. What does it smell like inside an Irish pub? How does the humidity in South Carolina feel against your skin? What color is the St. Lawrence River on a cloudy day? You can imagine these things, sure, but if you’ve experienced them firsthand you can add layers of realism to your stories that pump up the richness of your words.

When I go on a trip one of my favorite things to do is sample the regional cuisine. If possible, I try to take a cooking class to learn more about local foods and meet area residents. One of my favorite vacation memories is a trip our family took to Ireland. My husband gave me a birthday gift of a cooking class in a Norman-style castle (bonus: he entertained the kids that night). I met a handful of locals and got the opportunity to talk to them for several hours. We talked about everything: food vocabulary in different parts of the world; where to get the freshest langoustines and mussels; and how ridiculously easy it is to make your own vanilla extract. We all cooked, then ate, a meal together. It was unforgettable (in a good way).

There was also a decidedly un-British meal in London that was unforgettable in a bad way, but I digress… Continue reading “Scottish Shortbread by Amy M. Reade”

A Barnes & Noble and Kensington Promotion and Sweepstakes!

Wicked Cozy Authors

Posted by Barb, who’s in Milwaukee today

From September 5 to October 5, Barnes & Noble and Kensington have teamed up to offer a special promotion–Buy 3 Kensington cozy mysteries and get 1 free!

But wait, there’s more!

Everyone who buys a Kensington cozy mystery from the B&N in-store display or any Kensington cozy mystery from between 9/5/17 – 10/5/17 and registers their purchase at will:

  • Automatically be entered into Kensington’s “Cozy Mystery Bonanza” sweepstakes for a chance to win a $300 value gift basket. One grand prize winner will be selected after the sale has concluded.
  • Automatically receive a free Kensington Cozies recipe booklet plus a download code for the novel A STORY TO KILL by Lynn Cahoon after the sale has concluded.

But wait, there’s even more!

There’s a special end-of-the-aisle display featuring Kensington cozies at every B&N. Sherry Harris, Maddie Day (aka Edith…

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