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A Holiday For The Dogs by Donna Kauffman

In Unleashed, the first story in my Hamilton Christmas novella trilogy, heroine Emma Lafferty owns a professional pet sitting service. While I did, at one time, many (oh so very many) moons ago teach obedience training professionally, these days my... Continue Reading →

The Pug Connection by Nancy Bush

Long ago I conceived of a book that co-starred a pug, which is how “The Binkster” became a central part of CANDY APPLE RED, the first book in my Jane Kelly Mystery Series. The dog was a pure figment of... Continue Reading →

Blog Post by David McCaleb

When I was a kid, choosing an animal companion was simple. Selection took place in a variety of ways, none too complicated. Sometimes it was the adoption of a stray. Or by inheritance – a family member asking to take... Continue Reading →

The Dogs’ Guide to Summer By Buttercup and Baron Davis

Dig in and enjoy the ultimate guide to summer, as brought to you by Buttercup and Baron Davis. Summer is what the hoomans call the period when the big yellow bus doesn’t come down the road. We miss barking at... Continue Reading →

Blog Post by Anna Bradley

My husband and I are dog people. In the 19 years we’ve been together, we’ve always had a dog. In that time, we’ve lived in Seattle and Portland, OR—two cities that fit us perfectly, because they love their dogs! Some... Continue Reading →

Blog Post by Christine D’Abo

I know I’m not alone when I say that love my dogs. As a dog mom, there is nothing better than having your faithful companion by your side, on good days or bad. I’m lucky enough to have two fur-babies... Continue Reading →

My Remarkable Not-So-Cute Dog Story by Kevin O’Brien

My first dog, Mickey, won a bunch of awards at dog shows, but what makes her really unique is her remote connection to the most famous murder of the twentieth century. I’m the youngest of six kids, and in October,... Continue Reading →

Dog Days of August blog by Alexandra Ivy

If anyone follows my Facebook page, you’ll know that I recently adopted a gorgeous silver lab that I named Levet after the silly gargoyle in my Guardians of Eternity series. I have tumbled head over heels in love and he’s... Continue Reading →

Blog Post by Bernard Schaffer

At first I wasn't sure if I wanted him. Cody was a basement dog, rescued out of Philly. He had scabs all across his front and hind legs from sleeping on concrete for so long. He'd never been neutered, which... Continue Reading →

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