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Collecting for the Kitchen: Deviled-Egg Platters (and Deviled Eggs) by Peggy Ehrhart

Like my sleuth Pamela Paterson, I can’t resist thrift shops, tag sales, flea markets—any venue where someone’s castoff can become my treasure. Browsing is more fun if one is on the hunt for something in particular, and I have several collections in progress. One of my favorites is deviled-egg platters, especially platters with decoration that’s themed to the very food they’re designed to serve.

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Three-Cheese Deviled Eggs by Lexi Eddings


Every family has secret recipes. The only way my sister teased the recipe for icebox rolls from my grandmother was to stand over her and write it all down as she made them. She was known to leave a few things out when she wrote a recipe down so no one else’s rolls would ever be quite as good 😉 My mother-in-law never did divulge the secret to her homemade chocolate sauce. We’ve cobbled together an approximation. It’s good, but it’s not the same

Jake knew he was getting someplace with Lacy when she gave up the recipe for her mother’s three-cheese deviled eggs! Continue reading “Three-Cheese Deviled Eggs by Lexi Eddings”