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My Corny Holiday Tradition by Mary Lee Ashford


Because our holiday get-togethers can be a little too big for anyone’s dinner table – there are often 40-45 people – we tend to go for a very non-traditional everyone-bring-something holiday meal. Last year we had around forty family members, plus some foreign exchange students whose host families were traveling out of town. They were slightly confused by the informal atmosphere. We’re guessing it was nothing like they’d seen in American movies. But the nice thing about the only-slightly-planned collection of dishes is that a few more last-minute guests present no problem.

I was thrilled recently, in a discussion about what everyone brings, to find my Corny Corn Casserole is a favorite of several family members. It’s a family recipe from a co-worker who always made it for her own family and so in my recipe box it’s listed as “Mary’s Corny Corn Casserole.” It’s also one of my favorite types of recipes – easy ones! So, here you have it:

Mary Lee’s Corny Corn Casserole


  • 1 package Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 1 can whole kernel corn, drained.
  • 1 can creamed corn
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 egg


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Place the butter in a casserole dish and put it in the oven to melt. Keep an eye on it and take the dish out when the butter is melted. Don’t leave it in too long as you don’t want the butter to brown. Continue reading “My Corny Holiday Tradition by Mary Lee Ashford”

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A Holiday For The Dogs by Donna Kauffman

In Unleashed, the first story in my Hamilton Christmas novella trilogy, heroine Emma Lafferty owns a professional pet sitting service. While I did, at one time, many (oh so very many) moons ago teach obedience training professionally, these days my pet-sitting services are exclusively reserved for my granddogs. (I’m still waiting on grandkids, but granddogs are absolutely the next best thing!)

My oldest has an adorable rescue, Lily, whose mama was a yellow Labrador retriever, and her papa was a dachshund. (I know, how did that work?) Lily has the thicker body of a lab, but the shorter legs and longer body of a dachshund, hence her nickname, Lily Long Dog.  Halloween is a favorite holiday of ours and Oldest’s dogs have always been involved, sporting their own canine costumes as they help to hand out treats to the all the neighborhood kids. (You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a one-hundred-pound bull dog in a tutu and bunny ears!)  Lily is now part of that grand Halloween tradition. Continue reading “A Holiday For The Dogs by Donna Kauffman”

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Easy Peppermint Holiday Craft by Amanda Flower



If you’re like me, you start thinking about the holidays when the children go back to school and you start to think about everything that you have to do to get ready for the December gauntlet. One thing that I respect most about the Amish is their embrace of the simplicity, so this year, that is my focus for the holidays. I have already told my family some of my ideas about how I plan to scale back from what I usually do.

One of those plans is making my decorations easier. Peppermint Christmas trees are quick and easy craft that will brighten up your house, but not take it over this holiday season. If you use tacky glue that doesn’t require a glue gun, it’s a great craft to do with kids. Kids make great helpers. Since I have no children, my cats pitched in. The craft couldn’t be easier and has one simple step. You can add more decorations to your tree if you want. However, I kept my trees simple in the spirit of the Amish.


  1. Styrofoam trees
  2. Peppermint candies
  3. Glue

  Continue reading “Easy Peppermint Holiday Craft by Amanda Flower”