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Simple Clam Dip with M.Q. Barber

The Neighborly Affection series is set in Boston (well, just over the border in Brookline, but the difference is negligible unless you’re a Bostonian) where fresh seafood is a culinary staple. It’s not unusual for Henry Webb to stop by the fish market in the morning and pick up something to make for dinner for his partners. Continue reading “Simple Clam Dip with M.Q. Barber”

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MeMe’s Cinnamon Applesauce by M.Q. Barber

Homemade food is an expression of love.

Okay, maybe that’s not always true of the quick dinners thrown together and eaten by individuals crowded around tiny glowing screens, but the things that take a little effort — the lasagnas Continue reading “MeMe’s Cinnamon Applesauce by M.Q. Barber”