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The Sweet Symbolic Strawberry by Sharon Farrow

The Berry Basket series is set in Oriole Point, a fictional resort town along the shores of Lake Michigan. My heroine, Marlee Jacob, owns a berry themed store, one of many unique businesses that draw million of visitors each year to her picturesque village. Because the beaches are the number one tourist attraction, summer is high season. So when I began to plot Book One, I decided on a June setting to launch the series. As someone who lives and works in just such a Michigan lakeshore town, I know June is when tourist season really kicks off. Since each of the books in the Berry Basket series focuses on a different berry (and the murder surrounding it), strawberries needed to be the focus of my debut book. They are the first berries to ripen,  and the reason why June’s full moon is known as a Strawberry Moon.

As soon as I learned about the Strawberry Moon, I included it in Dying for Strawberries by creating a festive event called the Strawberry Moon Bash. The day before the event begins, Marlee’s superstitious friend Natasha asks her to interpret a disturbing dream she had about strawberries. Conversant with all things berry, Marlee tells her that strawberries represent happiness and purity; the Cherokee regarded it as a symbol of good luck. However, she does warn how a dream about strawberries may portend a forbidden desire, or that someone they know has a secret. And Marlee soon learns all of the above are correct. Continue reading “The Sweet Symbolic Strawberry by Sharon Farrow”