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Currant Tea Bread by Susanna Craig

One of the first things we learn about Sarah, the heroine of To Kiss a Thief—other than her apparent involvement in the disappearance of a priceless sapphire necklace, of course—is that she has a weakness for sweet things. While she’s been masquerading as Mrs. Fairfax in the tiny fishing village of Haverhythe, the local baker has become one of her dearest friends:

“See something that tempts your sweet tooth, Mrs. F.?” The baker came to the door of his shop, his head dusted with white where he had run a floury hand over his balding pate.

“Oh, Mr. Beals, I shouldn’t. I’m late for tea as it is, and Mrs. Potts will have my head.” Sarah nevertheless cast a longing glance at the wares displayed in the shop window. “Do you suppose, perhaps, a currant cake would appease her?”

Mr. Beals’s face split into a grin beneath his bushy moustache, and he stepped back into his shop to fetch an already-wrapped parcel. Continue reading “Currant Tea Bread by Susanna Craig”