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Guest: Cheryl Hollon

Wicked Cozy Authors

Liz here, and I’m so happy to welcome back our friend Cheryl Hollon, who’s releasing her next book in the Webb’s Glass Shop Mystery Series. Take it away, Cheryl!

By Cheryl Hollon

Delighted to be here again for another new release! Thank you, Liz, for letting me brag about my newest release. All the Wicked Cozy Authors have been such a great support to me – you are truly awesome.

Another new release. Did you notice how casually that rolled off the tongue – er, screen? Yep, the fourth book in the Webb’s Glass Shop Mystery Series will release on November 28, 2017. This is an important book for a select group of cozy mystery readers. Why? Because this cadre of readers will pick up a new author only if there are at least four books already published. Why? Most new cozy mystery contracts are for…

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Marriage With A Proper Stranger: Men Of Wollstonecraft Hall #1 by Karyn Gerrard

“Build a wall about your heart.”

Riordan Wollstonecraft labors under the heavy burden of his forebears. For generations, a curse has followed the dashing young men of his family, guaranteeing the women they love an untimely death. The youngest grandson of the Earl of Wollstonecraft Hall, charismatic Riordan is quietly resigned to his fate, an educator who devotes his life to good works, and ignores any longing for something more . . .

Widowed and penniless, Lady Sabrina Lakeside is desperate to avoid a second forced betrothal—this time to an aged marquess. Her chance encounter with Riordan leads her to an impulsive offer: a temporary marriage of convenience that could benefit them both. His agreement is as surprising as it is welcome. Before long, Riordan’s keen intellect and kind words have Sabrina rethinking her plans of a union in name only. But her new husband is holding something back. Will giving in to their tantalizing passion lead her only to further heartache . . . or could it be the first step toward healing them both?

Karyn Gerrard lives in a small town in the western corner of Ontario, Canada. She whiles away her spare time writing and reading romance while drinking copious amounts of Earl Grey tea. A multi-published author with a few bestsellers under her belt, Karyn loves to write historical and contemporary romances. As long as she can avoid being hit by a runaway moose in her wilderness paradise she assumes everything is golden. She has been happily married for a long time to her own hero. His encouragement keeps her moving forward. Find out more at



Easy Centerpieces by Lena Gregory

When Gia Morelli flees New York City and escapes to the outskirts of Central Florida’s Ocala National Forest, she uses the last of her savings to buy a small house and open the All-Day Breakfast Café. Her best friend, Savannah Mills, helps her set up and decorate the café. Before Gia arrives, Savannah makes blue and white gingham curtains, dark blue tablecloths, and cushions with zipper covers for the light-colored wood chairs. She also adds a few strategically placed paintings of local scenery and hangs a hand painted, wooden open/closed sign in the front window. Savannah does an amazing job creating the comfortable feeling of home Gia was striving for.

Unfortunately, Gia doesn’t share Savannah’s creative talents. She’s also out of money, so when it comes time to make centerpieces, she has to come up with something cozy but inexpensive. With very little time left, Gia decides on an easy, inexpensive idea that anyone can make, even her.

Gia loves the beach. Although she hasn’t had much free time since arriving in Florida, she does manage to sneak away for a little while, and when she does, she heads straight for the ocean. She walks along the beach with a bucket in hand, collecting anything she finds that catches her interest; beach glass, seashells, small rocks, twigs, beach grass, driftwood, even a length of old fishing net. After that, she strolls through town and hits up the antique shops, and even the dollar stores, and picks out a variety of glass containers, mason jars, and small candles.

When she gets back to the café, she sifts through all of the interesting things she found on the beach and sorts them into jars. Some jars get candles in the center—of course, she’s careful not to put anything flammable in those. Others get beach grass or twigs sticking out the top. If the jars have no fun decorations on them, she ties a ribbon or a leather cord around them.

When she’s done, she sets a jar in the center of each table, then she creates a setting on the counter behind the register. She spreads a small bit of fishing net on the counter and arranges the jars among pieces of driftwood. With the lights dimmed and the candles lit, her customers can enjoy an intimate setting with their meals.

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Last Chance! Pre-Order Balancing The Scales by 11/21/2017 then register for exclusive content!

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for your interest in BALANCING THE SCALES, the first standalone book in the BRITS IN MANHATTAN series.

When I set out writing BALANCING THE SCALES, I wanted to write something that was light and fun, like the classic, feel-good rom-coms we all love to read and watch. BALANCING THE SCALES is exactly that. Drew and Becky are two of my favorite characters to date. I hope you take them into your heart and laugh and smile with them as much as I have. Let them show you the dazzle of New York, and tantalize your taste buds with wickedly good cakes and an unputdownable romance.

As a thank you for your support, and because I just wasn’t ready to let these characters go at “The End”, I have written bonus content for readers who are kind enough to pre-order the book.

The bonus chapter will give you exclusive insight to Drew’s happiest moment, from his point of view.

Trust me, you do not want to miss this!

So, what are you waiting for? To receive Drew’s happy ever after on 21 November (the official release date), pre-order BALANCING THE SCALES from any of the retailers below, then register your pre-order by filling out the form on this page.

You’ll be able to brag to all your friends that you got a little more time with our swoon-worthy hero.

Loving New York and being a Brit, I had the best fun writing this book. I hope you have just as much fun reading Drew and Becky’s story.

All my very best wishes,

Laura x


All The Deadly Lies: A Jake Carrington Thriller #1 by Marian Lanouette

Homicide detective Jake Carrington takes murder personally…

The victim was bludgeoned, stripped, and left for dead. Shanna Wagner deserves justice—and there’s no better cop than Lieutenant Jake Carrington to find her killer. The brutality of the crime reminds Jake of his sister’s murder seventeen years ago, and the remorseless man responsible, now up for parole.

Then another woman is killed—and Jake goes dangerously close to the edge. He’ll have to face his personal demons and focus his formidable skills if he hopes to stop a vicious murderer from striking again—and hold on to his career, and his life . . .

Previously published as If I Fail

A self-described tough blonde from Brooklyn, Marian Lanouette grew up as one of 10 children. As far back as she can remember, Marian loved to read. She was especially intrigued by the Daily News crime reports. Tragically, someone she knew was murdered. The killer was never found. Her Jake Carrington thrillers are informed by her admiration for police work, her experience in running a crematorium, and her desire to write books where good prevails, even in the darkest times. Marian lives in New England with her husband. Visit her on Facebook or at

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How to Get Cozy in the Winter by Kirsten Weiss

What better way to get cozy than with a book, preferably curled up on a couch in front of a crackling fire, mug of hot chocolate spiked with something at your elbow? If that book happens to be a cozy mystery – even better! There’s just something comfy about immersing oneself in an imaginary small-town murder, knowing wrongs will be righted.

But another way I like to get cozy in the winter is to take refuge in the kitchen. The warmth from the oven toasts the room, and the scent of baking wafts through the entire house. Pie is something I’ve always found to be, if not cozy, then comforting.  That’s why I set my new cozy mystery, The Quiche and the Dead, in a pie shop. The scent of baking sweets and savories, the warmth of the kitchen, and the clatter and laughter of diners.

Val and her buddy Charlene from The Quiche and the Dead are better known for baking pies. But they’re not above sipping the occasional cocktail while watching Stargate reruns. Here’s one of their (and my) favorite winter warmers – the Reformed Firefall. The Firefall was invented at Yosemite’s historic Ahwahnee Hotel. Every time I go there, I ask the bartender for the recipe, and every time I leave, I manage to lose the cocktail napkin it’s written on. So, here’s my own, simpler, version – the “Reformed” Firefall.

Reformed Firefall: Add a shot of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey to a cup of hot chocolate. Stir with a cinnamon stick and top with whipped cream and a pinch of cinnamon. Top yourself with a fluffy blanket, and enjoy!


Is Val’s breakfast pie the quiche of death?

Owning her own business seemed like pie in the sky to Valentine Harris when she moved to the coastal California town of San Nicholas, expecting to start a new life with her fiancé. Five months—and a broken engagement—later, at least her dream of opening a pie shop has become a reality. But when one of her regulars keels over at the counter while eating a quiche, Val feels like she’s living a nightmare.

After the police determine the customer was poisoned, business at Pie Town drops faster than a fallen crust. Convinced they’re both suspects, Val’s flaky, seventy-something pie crust maker Charlene drags her boss into some amateur sleuthing. At first Val dismisses Charlene’s half-baked hypotheses, but before long the ladies uncover some shady dealings hidden in fog-bound San Nicholas. Now Val must expose the truth—before a crummy killer tries to shut her pie hole.






More or Less a Marchioness by Anna Bradley

The Somerset sisters, three beautiful, headstrong debutantes in Regency London, are discovering that a bit of scandal is a delightful thing . . .

For the sake of propriety, and her younger sisters’ reputations, Iris Somerset has kept her rebellious streak locked away. But though she receives a proposal from Phineas Knight, Lord of Huntington, Iris can’t marry a man she knows isn’t truly enamored with her. In fact, Iris no longer wants to be chosen—she wants to choose. Under the clandestine tutelage of “wicked widow” Lady Annabel Tallant, she’ll learn how to steer her own marriage prospects—and discover her secret appetites . . .

What kind of debutante refuses a marquess? Finn is surprised, a little chastened—and thoroughly intrigued. This new, independent version of Iris is far more alluring than the polished socialite she used to be. Finn believed he needed a safe, quiet wife to curb his wilder impulses. But the more Iris surprises him, the more impossible it becomes to resist their deepest desires . . .


Assault and Beadery by Mollie Cox Bryan

Assault and Beadery by Mollie Cox Bryan – ON SALE : 09/25/2018

All of Cora Chevalier’s dreams are coming true. Since moving to Indigo Gap, North Carolina, the busy crafting maven has been blessed with a great boyfriend, a lovely home, and a booming craft retreat business. But on the eve of her first Crafty Mom’s Escape Weekend, tragedy strikes again in Indigo Gap. This time, it’s curtains for Stan Herald, the disagreeable director of the local theater group, who’s murdered on the opening night of their new production. Worse, Cora’s friend Zee is accused of the crime.


Cora is determined to prove her friend’s innocence, but Zee’s more than mysterious past is making that difficult. And with a list of suspects longer than a double spool of satin cording, getting a bead on the real culprit won’t be easy. With Jane and Ruby at her side, Cora must string together the clues and solve Stan’s murder before the killer gives an encore performance.


Diamond Legacy: A Jewel Intrigue Novel by Monica McCabe

Africa–where diamonds are the currency of the weapons trade, and trust is the only option between two strangers…

Miranda Parrish is a world-renowned veterinarian specialist with expertise in endangered species. She’s fearless and will go anywhere an animal is in need. But when she journeys to Katanga, an animal sanctuary in the heart of Botswana, she lands in the middle of a blood diamond smuggling operation. And there’s only one man who can help her….

Special agent, Matt Bennett’s parents were murdered by a ruthless arms dealer when he was fourteen. He’s devoted his life to avenging their deaths and ending the cycle of violence threatening southern Africa. Undercover at Katanga, he clashes with Miranda. He’s never met a woman so stubborn, who’ll let nothing stand in the way of what she believes in. And he’ll let no one come between him and his vengeance.

Matt and Miranda will have to work together if they want to save Katanga, and both of their lives, before it’s too late.

Adventuring is in Monica McCabe’s blood. She’s explored places like Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. She’s climbed glaciers and ancient Mayan pyramids, dived shipwrecks and reef caves, camped in Sasquatch country, and drove across the USA three times. Currently she’s working on gathering as many official stamps in her National Park Passport as she can. When not traveling she’s writing romantic adventure books and travel articles, enjoys research way too much, and craves long nature hikes with her husband and their dog, Sam.


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