The Girl with Book Lungs

Setting: Metropolitan St. Louis


  • Tobi Tobias: Sharp, savvy, and sometimes sarcastic narrator. Tobi is an advertising executive whose business has been struggling
  • Andrew and Gary Zander: Brothers and business owners. Clients of Tobi
  • Mary Fran: Tobi’s neighbor, friend, and owner of the pet shop where Tobi works on weekends. Mother of Sam.

Plot: Things are looking bleak for Tobi and her business. Out of the blue, a new client walks in and Tobi has the chance to reignite both her business and her client’s business, as well. But all of Tobi’s hard word may have been for nothing. At a photo shoot for a new brochure showing off her client’s closet organizational systems, a body literally falls at Tobi’s feet, making her kill slogan for Zander’s Closet Systems eerily prophetic.

Pacing: Good

Predictability: Pretty low! As everything came together, I had a hunch, but I only pieced things together…

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